Spiritual Birthday Bible Verse For Son ~ Knowing Jesus Better

Taking blessing from God is really very important. And a special occasion like Birthday doubles up the need to take the blessings from lord. Give the special spiritual birthday bible verse for son to get to know Jesus little better.

God has given us lot of things and he will keep on giving it to you again and again. Always trust on God and your self you will always feel confident. We have already published a huge collection of birthday wishes for kids. You can check that out to send to your beloved son.

Spiritual Birthday Bible Verse For Son

  • Ezekiel 16:44

    Everyone who use the proverbs will always speak this like : Like Father, Like Son.

  • Kids 9:4

    May my son walk before you, god as king david walked. with integrity of hear and uprightness. According to my command and keep your all the statutes and rules.

  • Corinthians 11:12

    For as woman came from man, so also man are also born from woman. But ultimately everything comes from god.

  • Genesis 40:20

    today is the third day, when its Pharaoh’s birthday, and he had made a feast fro all his servents. He lifted up the head of chief cupbearer and also head of the chief baked among all of the servants.

    • Proverbs 23:15

      My son , Is you are honest, My heart too will be happy

    • I always praise you. I am now to sign to many. You are a strong refuge. My mouth is filled your praise, declaring ur splendour all day long.

  • Peter 3:3-4

    Do not let your adorning be external the braiding of hair and putting all the jewellery, The cloths you wear but let your adorning be the hidden person of the heart with imperishable beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which in god’s sight is very precious.

  • James 1:17

    Every good thing given and best gift is given by god,  He come come with a Father of lights, with whom there is no variation for any shadow.

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Spiritual Birthday Bible Verse For Son

Spiritual Birthday Bible Verse For Son

Bible Verse For Son’s Birthday

  • James 1:17

    Every good thing in the world and everything perfect is from above, come down from he father of light, with whom there is no variations or shifting shadow.

  • From the day of you were born, it is like celebration for us. But today is the festival of your birth.

  • Psalm 65:11

    You have crowned the whole with lot of bounty, and all your paths drip with fatness.

  • Lamentations 3:22-23

    The God is very loving and kins and indeed never cease. For his compassion’s never fails. They are always new every morning. God is always Great and faithful.

  • Psalm 71:6-8

    From birth I hv relied on you, you bring from my mother’s womb.

  • That is right. Our son have a real enemy, that is one who want to kill and destroy all of them (John 10:10). Thankfully that is one according to god is the opponent who is force to be reckoned with.

  • Enjoy the special with your favourite hot dogs and sweet ice cream. Be happy and enjoy with your friends and family. Happy birthday to you son!

  • Zephaniah 3:17

    The God is midst. He is a victorious warrior. He will exult over you with joy. He will be in his love. He will rejoice over you with shouts of joy.

Bible Verse For Son's Birthday

Bible Verse For Son’s Birthday

You can even use bible verse for teenage son birthday. He will really feel happy after reading these wonderful bible prayer for son.

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