100 Happy Birthday Quotes for Boyfriend : CUTE & ROMANTIC

I am sure you are here because your Boyfriends birthday is near and you must be searching for some sweet, cute and romantic birthday quotes for boyfriend. You can impress your BF with these happy birthday quotes for your boyfriend. These are very nicely written to melt heart of anyone. This quotes for birthday of boyfriend gives a very clear message that how much you love him.

You can express all you feeling with word using these boyfriend birthday quotes. If you love your boyfriend a lot then you must check our best collection of letter for BF bday. There you will find some long, short letters to make his birthday super awesome.

Romantic Happy Birthday Quotes For Boyfriend From Girlfriend

So, for your sweet and cute boyfriend below you will find the most romantic bday quotes for boyfriend. He will love you for this lovely quotes AKA bday Message.

  • My boyfriend is super hot, loveable and kissable and handsome. Happy Birthday my dear boyfriend.
  • I love you! Believe it or not; you are so special to me that I want to spend my whole day with your no matter what will happen. Happy Birthday, sweetheart.
  • Today is the best day to sayI Love YouDescribe, What I feel for you?How lucky am I?How much handsome are you?Because today is your Birthday… :)Happy Birthday Dear Boyfriend!!
  • The immense excitement that I got to spend a whole day with you is just indescribable. I have planned the wildest Birthday party for you. Just wait and watch what is going to come. For now, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to MY BOYFRIEND!
  • Today is a special day for me because today is my boyfriend’s birthday. He is the most Handsome and intelligent person in the world. I already imagined you as my husband with our two cute children’s. Happy Birthday BF and Thank you god to gift you in my life.
  • I am not in a relation with you because I want to set my relationship status to “COMMITTED”. I want to be in the relationship with you because I am truly and madly in love with you. I can never imagine a life without you. Happy Birthday Sweetheart.
  • I just want to ask only one question on your birthday. Why did you steal my heart? You know, I would have given it to you for free! On your Birthday, I am going to steal your Heart. Happy birthday Dear!
  • Happy Birthday to my cutie pie. If I had the power, I would have already written your Birthday wishes on the sky. So that everyone could see it from anywhere. And know how much I love you!
  • Thanks God, for gifting you as my boyfriend. I feel very luck to celebrate your birthday! This means a lot to me, it means you exist and we are together! I love you. Happy Birthday, Sweetheart.
Romantic Happy Birthday Quotes For Boyfriend From Girlfriend

Romantic Happy Birthday Quotes For Boyfriend From Girlfriend

  • I want to put my heart on paper to express all my feelings for you. I know it is not possible and sounds crazy. But, to show how much I love you, I can easily do for you. Happy Birthday, Dear Boyfriend.
  • Earlier you look like an attractive catch, but you are my perfect match. Happy Birthday my Perfect match.
  • This is special Bday quotes for a special boy who has a special place in my heart. Happy birthday to my special one.

Special Happy Birthday Wishes To Lover (BEST FOR LOVE BIRDS)

Cute Birthday Quotes For Boyfriend

Do your boyfriend like cute things and look very cute then the message below are only for you. Below are my boyfriend birthday quotes which you can easily write on gift and greeting cards.

  • Your hands are magical for guitar. When you are born, this World gets a great gift of music. You are a born guitarist. Wish you a Happy Birthday to my favorite Musician.
  • A Birthday is another simple day where you will go to the office and met people. Age is just a number and you are as old as your mind want to. Just read those lovely blessing and wishes from lovely peoples.
  • The Birthday celebration makes you remind that being your girlfriend make every day of your life worth to celebrate and remember. Happy Birthday to my Boyfriend.
  • We are together for such a long time that you’re Farts and burps never bother me at all. Let’s celebrate another year together with my love. Happy Birthday, Dear.
  • Every guy should learn the real meaning of boyfriend and how to express the feeling of heart from you. Happy Birthday to you.
  • On your special day, I just want to tell you that you are the Top cherry of cake which is the best part of life. Similarly, you are that part of my life with which I always want to stay in touch. Happy Birthday my cute Boyfriend.
  • Preparation for your Birthday celebration reminds me that you exist in my life and we are always going to stay together. I love you! Happy Birthday Dear Boyfriend! Stay Blessed.
  • On this bday, when you cut your birthday cake I will promise that I will never break your heart. When everyone sings birthday song for you. I will promise that my heart will always beat for you. Happy Birthday to you.
  • If I have the power, I can bring the moon for you because you truly deserve it. If I have the power to hear heart beat, you can hear how my heart beats when you are near. Happy Birthday dear, I hope your life get filled with love, joy, and wealth.
  • There is huge difference between Mature and Immature love:Immature love says: I love you becoz I need youBut Mature Love says: I need you becoz I love you.
  • You are the one who makes my life complete! Wish you a happy birthday my boyfriend! I love you!
Cute Birthday Quotes For Boyfriend, Purpule images with a girl and boyfriend with text on special happy birthday

Cute Birthday Quotes For Boyfriend

  • Having you in my life makes me the luckiest girl in the world. You make every day worth to live. I hope your birthday become the most special and unforgettable day of your life.
  • My sexy Boyfriend! I want you more that this Bday cake.

Romantic Happy Birthday Message For Boyfriend

Best Happy Birthday Boyfriend Quotes

Below happy birthday to boyfriend quotes are the best in the whole list. You can grab your quotes and being the best girlfriend of the Year.

  • You know all the chord of my heart to play the most romantic tune. Which will bring the melody and charm in my life? Happy Birthday rock star boyfriend.
  • My Love for you is forever. Happy Birthday my love.
  • I am living my life beautifully just because of you dear. I Wish you a many many returns of the day and I hope life bring you more days like this.
  • To make you happy on this special day, I can bring sky, the moon and all the stars for you. Have an awesome and rememberable Birthday, Darling, I love you a lot, happy birthday!
  • I can never forget anything about you. Then how can I forget your birthday? Let ‘celebrate your birthday on a beach and end it with watching the beautiful sunset Together. Have a Wonderful and romantic Birthday my boyfriend.
  • I would haven’t discovered the true meaning of my life. If I didn’t met you.I would have lost my soulIf I didn’t speak to you every day.I would have lost my existenceIf you didn’t wrap me in your arms.Let’s celebrate your day togetherAnd make me feel my life, soul, and existence.Happy Birthday, Sweetheart!
  • You are the better half of me. I don’t know what will I do without you? Happy Birthday my boyfriend!
  • I hope on your special day I can express all my feeling inside me to you. May all your dreams come true. Happy Birthday my dear Boyfriend!
  • Today, I will celebrate it as the day of love of my life. Happy Birthday My boyfriend.
  • I hope my bday cake is as sweet as youI hope my bday party is as cool as youI hope your friend have good time as you,But when everyone goes then you are mine,Happy Birthday my boyfriend
  • The Biggest dictionary is just a small book to express all my feeling for you. I can never express my all feeling in words. I can never imagine a life without you. You are now an undetachable part of my life. Happy Birthday my prince. I love you a lot.
Best Happy Birthday Boyfriend Quotes, Girl and boy holding hand of each other with text of bday quotes on it.

Best Happy Birthday Boyfriend Quotes

  • Earlier, I want to keep you for myself but now I want to show you to every friend. Because you are the best. Happy Birthday BF!!
  • You are the one who helps me know to love life so much. I want to love with while living with you. Have a great birthday my love.

Sweet Birthday Quotes For Your Boyfriend

  • On your Birthday, I am gifting you oceans of Unconditional love & Acceptance. Happy Birthday, sweetheart.
  • It is true to say that when you are in love you can never sleep because the reality is finally better than dreams. Happy Birthday to my boyfriend.
  • I never like to be called as your Girlfriend because I am not just a girl who is your friend. I a special person for you. From Today, I will be called your girl. Happy Birthday My Boy.
  • I don’t know why I love you, but it is the best feeling of my life.I don’t know why you love me, but I know you will also get the same feeling that I get.Happy Birthday dear!
  • Today you will learn a scientific fact from me: Gravity does not make you fall in love, it makes you rise in love and you grow one year older by revolving around the sun. Happy Birthday, Dear.
  • I just love that when you passionately kiss and surprise me. I Love everything that your do for me. I know today you grow older, still, I love every inch of you. Happy Birthday, Dude.
  • Happy Birthday my sweetest boyfriend, who is sweeter than chocolate. Without you, my whole day goes empty and days spend without talking you feel like hell.
  • My life has become very exciting since you entered into my life. You discovered a new meaning of my life! Happy Birthday to you dear!
  • I don’t know what you are gone wear on your bday party but I am going to wear my birthday suit for your birthday celebration. Happy Birthday, Dear, you are going to get a birthday blast!
  • I don’t know why act crazy when I am with you. Whenever I am with you, I become the best version of me. You light up my world. Happy Bday Dear.
  • Hey BF, You Work day and night every day. Today is the time for fun and enjoyment with the one you love the most. Happy Birthday Sweetheart.
  • Happy Birthday from your princess. You are my prince with whom I can spend rest of my life. I love you more than you know.
  • I am far apart forming you but my love will reach wherever you are and anytime you want. Have a great day. Happy Birthday!

Humorous Birthday Wishes

Sweet Birthday Quotes For Your Boyfriend, Tree with a beautiful heart on it with some bday wishes message

Sweet Birthday Quotes For Your Boyfriend

Funny Bday Quotes For Boyfriend From Girlfriend

Are you looking for funny birthday quotes for boyfriend. Then the quotes below are hilariously funny bday quotes for boyfriend. He can not stop laughing after reading these amazing and interesting bday quotes and Bday wishes.

  • You often tell me that you like dirty message over those cheesy messages. On your Birthday I am granting all these types of quotes. Pee, Poo, Poop, There you go, happy Birthday dear!
  • Tomorrow might be better but Today is the best day, I never want this day to end. Happy Birthday.
  • It has been a very short time we are dating each other, but I cannot imagine my life without you. It’s another birthday we are together and much more to come.
  • My love for you can’t be express with these cakes and gifts. How much I love you I can never explain with the words. I love you from bottom of my heart, Happy Birthday Sweetheart!
  • I can never have a better lover than you, Happy Birthday Sweetheart!
  • Close your eyes to make a wish and I pray to god that all your wishes come true on this bday. Happy Birthday, Dear.
  • The Happiness I get from is much more than DOUBLE RAINBOW. Happy Birthday Baby!
  • A Big part of my heart is always reserved for you, which increases when I spend time with you. Happy Birthday, Sweetheart.
  • How you tolerate all my craziness, tantrums, stupidity and always pull me up when I am down. You are that unlimited source of energy which always inspires me. On your Special day, I just want to say Happy Birthday my hero, I love you A lot.
  • I am the luckiest girl because I am having you as my boyfriend. Also, you are the most eligible man (bachelor)Happy Birthday, Darling!
  • Don’t worry about growing age, with every birthday you’re becoming more handsome and sexier. SO just grab a beer and chill. This Happy Birthday quotes for boyfriend who is dam cool. Happy Birthday sexy!
  • When I met with a broken heart. You are the one who stuck it and fix all the wound. You are the one who showed me what love is and how to do it fearlessly. I am very thankful for your all efforts. Happy Birthday Dear.
  • Having you in my life feels like a dream come true, it is like god has granted all the wishes. I can never find a better person from you because you are the best. May you always spread love and happiness around everyone. Happy Birthday!
  • Thank you for every stupidity and craziness you put into my life. Happy Birthday My love
  • Darling, you are the one who brings out the best and worst inside me. Only you have the full right to me. Happy Birthday dear.
  • I  must  be a Cinderella of fairy tale that why I have a handsome looking prince in my life. Happy Birthday sweetie.

121 Super Romantic Birthday Wishes For Him

Long Quotes For Boyfriend Birthday

Are you tired of searching for the happy birthday quotes for boyfriend funny. Then don’t worry just click here are choose form the biggest collection of Funny birthday message for boyfriend.

  • I always pray to god to take care of your and bless you with all of the things that you want in your life. I think he is listening to me because I asked him to let me find someone who is special to me and He let you be one I met. I Love you very much and May your birthday get filled with surprises, love and joy and many beautiful things. Always keep in mind that I am with you with your every step.
  • Whenever I listen to your voice, I can feel the butterflies in my stomach. When Ever you touch me, I can feel my heart start beating fast. Whenever you tell me that you love me, I never want you to stop saying it. If this is true love, then this feeling is very beautiful. Thank You Darling, Just because of you I got this wonderful feeling. Happy Birthday, Dear.
  •  You have heard a lot of combinations like Cheese and wine, Beer and pretzels, peanut butter and jelly. Same like these combination, you and I are the best combination in this world. All these things are made for each other. We are a perfect Pair present on this earth. Let’s celebrate your day together. Happy Birthday My dear BF.
  • I am so thankful to god to gift you as my boyfriend in life. It Makes me complete. Thanks for everything you give me to make my life super awesome. You are not only my boyfriend but you are also my best buddy. Finding a man like you is just impossible and unimaginable. I am waiting to become your wife as soon as possible. Happy Birthday, Handsome.

    Long Quotes For Boyfriend Birthday, couple kissing each other in the images with purple and black background

    Long Quotes For Boyfriend Birthday

  • For everyone Birthday is just a simple day, in which they go to work and people wish you. But being your girlfriend, this day is the most awaited day of the year. I want to celebrate it with the celebration of Marriage. My Blessings and Birthday quotes are always with you My Boyfriend. Let’s make the day countable and rememberable day of your life. Happy Birthday, BF.
  • I feel so blessed and lucky that god gifted you in my life. A Big THANK YOU for all the things that you did for me and especially the love that you pumped into my life. Whenever you are with me I can feel the butterflies inside my stomach. Happy Birthday My future husband and current boyfriend. I always see you as a husband in my dreams.
  • I still remember your last birthday, when I ask you ‘What do you want for your birthday gift’. You instant reply was “YOU”. This makes me feel very special and lucky to have you as my boyfriend and future husband. I am thankful to god to have you are a precious part of my Life. Happy Birthday to you!
  • Whenever I am with you, my craziness level automatically increases, I did a lot of stupid things when I am with you. Even I did not shy to do those silly things in front of you. I can do all of these things because you are my best friend as well as my boyfriend. I am very thankful to god to send a creature like you for me. I pray to god that we both chase our dreams together. Happy Birthday, Darling.
  • It was like impossible for me to express how much you mean to me in few words. But, I want to tell you to want I am madly in love with your and spent my whole life with you. But I can’t express it so I will just say HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!
  • I got a blushWhen you me that you are my crushI break out in jiggleWhen you ask me with giggleI just smileWhen you hold my hand for a while.On this special day,I just want to say Happy Birthday.
  • Today is your birthday so I grant all the kisses and Hugs from bottom of my heart to make this special day extra special.
  • My love for you is bigger than these 5 oceans, it is bigger than the whole sky, and it is bigger than the whole universe. You are my world and I want to revolve around you. Happy Birthday dear!
  • Heartbreak is one of the scariest rides of life. But, if you are I love then it will chase you and clear your all doubts. Thanks for fixing my heart and open a new world of adventure. I love you and Happy Birthday dear!

So, Finally the huge list of Birthday quotes for boyfriend end here. Stay tuned with us for more stuffs related to boyfriend.

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