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Children’s are the most excited one’s for there birthday. so , here are some best birthday wishes for children. Use these Wishes, Messages an poems to send to any kids you love the most. Children start there preparation of birthday almost a month ago. You can see the happiness in the face of children for their birthday.

You can grab lot of gifts on child birthday. But, what will you write on birthday gift of children? Here you will get all the bday wishes for children along with long and short bday messages and poem. You can also remember these small poems on his/her birthday.

Best Birthday Wishes For Children

    • Hey Sweetie Pie, Many Many congratulations on your special day. Have a lot of fun and enjoyment throughout your life.  Gather amazing moments in your life. Have an amazing birthday!!!

    • God bless to the most wonderful children in this world.

      I may not tell you or show

      but you always stay into my heart.

      Happy birthday dear

      God bless you

    • I always tell you that you are an angel sent from heaven.

      The kindness you show always prove it.

      Happy Birthday kiddo!!

    • We still don’t believe that one year has passed and you become one year older. Although we are very proud to have you as our Son/ Daughter. We Hope you spend an amazing birthday.

    • we all are very happy on your birthday

      My dear kid, it is your day

      so enjoys it with a big smile on your face

      and enjoy your birthday party fullest.

      Wishing you a Happy Birthday.

      God bless you!

  • Today is your day. SO, eat as much as you can and enjoy as much as you ca. As this day is gonna come after one year.

  • I know you like the chocolate most,

    So, I brought a mountain of chocolate,

    I hope you like it, just put in on fridge quickly,

    so, it didn’t get melt,

    Happy Birthday!

  • we are so happy on your Happy Birthday,

    Today is your day, Always keep a smile on your face

    and make all of you smile.

    Have a wonderful birthday party.

    Wishing you a very Happy Birthday,

    God Bless you!!

  • An outstanding child deserves an outstanding birthday party. Your Birthday party should be equally awesome as you are. So, I hope your birthday is full of fun and surprises. Happy Birthday kiddo!!

  • Time flies so fast that one more year added to your age.

    I hope with every year you become a more mature gentleman.

    Your family always support you in your every decision.

    Have an amazing happy Birthday!

  • we are wishing you a great and amazing birthday full of fun and enjoyment. I hope you Grow up to a great maturity with every birthday.

  • I hope you achieve all your dreams and desires on this birthday. Although you are getting older, But you are becoming more mature and confident in life. Have a very happy Birthday.

  • Sending you oceans of hugs, kisses and good wishes on your birthday. Happy Birthday children.

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Best Birthday Wishes For Children

Best Birthday Wishes For Children

Cute Birthday Wishes For Children’s Cards  for Girls

    • My blessing is always with you for your Future. Happy Birthday kiddo

  • Happy Birthday little children. Enjoy your day by eating lots and lots of chocolate, lots of sweet, ice cream. Enjoy with your friends by playing games. Today is your birthday enjoy the fullest. Once again Happy Birthday!

  • Hello, Birthday kid! You are great and awesome. You deserve lot of love and blessing from all of us to  fulfill all your dreams

  • Birthday cake to eat and present to gift

    balloons to decorate,

    It’s such a wonderful time for all

    of us as today is your birthday,

    May Lord shower you lot of love and blessing.

    Happy Birthday to you.

  • Hey Kid, Have an amazing birthday. I hope all your dreams come true and you become an amazing birthday.

  • Happy birthday my dear child, I hope your whole year get filled with love, laughter, and fun. I wish you lot of candy, sweet, games on this birthday. We all love you a lot. Happy Birthday, dear!!

  • You are an excellent child who gets the best grades and you are a star performer in everything. You always spread love and care for everyone. May life bring you lot of happiness and prosperity. Just always remember us. Wishes you a Happy birthday little star!

  • Your mischief and naughty things always make me mad on you.

    But whenever I watch you sleeping makes me love you more.

    I understand you a still a child. Happy Birthday kid!

  • Your birthday is a new beginning for your life. You lot of love and blessings for your future. Have a wonderful year ahead. Happy Birthday, cutie.

  • Happy Birthday, boy, You are becoming a man with every bday from a kid.

  • From the day you take birth on this earth we knew that you are the best Son. Daughter for us. You are always the most special for all of us. Our birthday blessings and wishes are always with you.

  • Happy Birthday my little Champ. May your life get filled with Happiness, prosperity, and success.

  • Wish you a very happy birthday my child. You are the coolest kids, I have ever seen in my life. You are a jewel in our life. Which we will always keep near to my heart.

  • Have you seen the sky, All the little birds are going to heaven to bring surprise gifts for you. So, wake up fast and get ready to grab all the gifts on your special Day. Happy Birthday kid, May God bless you!!

  • Happy Bday to you, Have a great day ahead! With every year which passes You are growing to a gentleman. Whatever you do in this life Always support

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Cute Birthday Wishes For Children's Cards  for Girls

Cute Birthday Wishes For Children’s Cards  for Girls

Sweet Birthday Message For Child

    • Sending you lots and lots of kisses on this special day

      May baby on your special bday

      Wish you always stay happy and healthy

      Happy Birthday and God bless you!!

  • My little Angel,

    You are our God,

    Today is your birthday

    Have fun and smile on your face

    as the party is yet to begun

    Happy birthday!!

  • With every passing year, you are becoming a young and dynamic Man/Lady/ We are very happy to watch you grow into a perfect man/lady. we know that we will see many great things in you in the upcoming year. Happy Birthday to you (Inspiring birthday message for children.)

  • On this special occasion I want to let you know that you are the most wonderful Daughter/ son. You will always stay special for both of us.

  • I am not sure what should I write for the sweetest and cutest daughter/son on this planet. I Can only say this you are my world and you are everything to me. I can say you are a piece of the puzzle which complete the whole family. Without you our whole family is incomplete. Happy birthday sweetie!

  • I have prepared a special cake

    on this special occasion

    SO, I have invited all your friends

    to save your happiness on this day!

    Happy Birthday to you!

  • Birthday Wishes For an Aunt
  • I cherish all the small- small moments of life to have fun on this day of bday. Happy Bday!

  • Alert! Alert! Alert! Alert! Alert! Here’s another 1 year old on this planet. Beware and careful from this creature. Happy birthday you wonderful Creature.

  • Always remember that we always proud to have you as our child. You can do what every you want to do in life. We will always support you. Happy Birthday !!

  • After spending so many years with you, I got to know why children are always compared with God or Angels. You are a gift of God who enlightens our life with your sweet smile. Happy Birthday our little Angel!

  • Today is the day of celebration when we decorate our whole home with balloons, clowns, and funny games. We wish a very Happy Birthday and enjoy your birthday celebration of childhood.

  • We are very happy to see you grow. You always make us proud always. Happy Birthday kids!

Birthday Wishes For Children's Images for Boys

Birthday Wishes For Children’s Images for Boys

Birthday Wishes For Children’s Images for Boys

  • Life is full of surprises and excitement.

    Today is your birthday and the big surprise is

    yet to come. Keep the patience in you grab the biggest gift of your life.

    Happy Birthday dear!

  • Congratulation for your Birthday kiddo! Wishing you a super exciting birthday, Filled with fun, laugh and surprises and ends up with some unforgettable memories of life.

  • we are wishing you a very happy bday filled with love and excitement. We are very happy from when we bring you to this world, from when we both hold you for the first time. Happy birthday Son/ Daughter.

  • I hope every birthday bring fortune in your life, with wonderful wealth and health. I wish you met with everything good in your life. The Lucky stars always stay with you. The Sunshine always stay into your life. All your dreams come true and you achieve massive success in life.

  • You are getting 1 year older and that cool because you are getting closer to go school.

  • Bible Verse For Son’s Birthday
  • Today is the only day when you are not gonna scold for eating too much ice creams, and too much game and too much sweet, Selling food all over and sleeping late. Today is the best time of year to enjoy. Wishing you a Happy Birthday little Kid!

  • May your bday party comes out to be the best, funniest, craziest and loudest birthday party ever. Happy Birthday!!

  • Hey, Birthday boy/girl. Today you are the superstar of your birthday party. I hope you have a lot of fun on this special day.

  • May your day get filled with a lot of fun, games, food and delicious cake.

    always remember that we all love you a lot. You are very special to us.

    Happy Birthday dear!!

  • You have enlightened our lives with your sweet smile. Happy Birthday to you and hope you have fun today.

  • Always become who you are, never attempt to become someone in life. Happy Birthday to you.

  • Superhero is only found in Movies. But a friend who is very kind and helpful is not less than the Superhero. Happy Birthday Champ!

  • We have arranged all your favorite birthday wishes, cards, poems, games, food, cakes for you and all your friend. So have a lot of fun on your birthday. Happy Birthday wishes for children.

  • Birthday Wishes For Kids
  • Oh I have planned good things for you on this birthday

    to bring a large smile on your face.

    I just want you to be happy and spread your loving smile everywhere.

    Happy Birthday to you!

    May God bless you!

Best Children Birthday Wishes

Best Children Birthday Wishes

Best Children Birthday Wishes

    • May God shower lot of love and flower on you. May the best version of you come out of you. Thank you for being the most lovely kids. Happy Birthday!

    • Your childhood reminds me mine. You are making us feel old because with every birthday you are becoming more mature. Happy Birthday Dear!

    • Have a super awesome birthday! have a lot of cake, candles, and balloon on this special day.

    • Hey Kiddo, You are a champ full of energy and enthusiasm. Keep it up always. Have an amazing and outstanding birthday. Happy Birthday wishes for children!!

    • I remember when you born, But it’s impossible to believe that you are already a __ year old.

    • I hope you have an amazing, wonderful, loudest birthday party ever! Happy Birthday !!

  • Hey our precious son,

    we are sending you tons of birthday wishes,

    That you will come to know god’s purpose and his work.

    You have seen the power,

    so, always fold your hand to pray to God every day.

  • Bday Wishes for children
  • Seconds makes min, Min makes hours, hours makes days and day make a month, and month makes years which bring the smile on your face. Here comes another birthday with another year.

  • May God shower tons of love, blessing, and happiness in your life. Happy Birthday, children.

  • Happiness is an important part of like which you always keep with you Because happiness brings the smile on your face. Life without laughter is nothing. I know you are still a child but I wish you get all the happiness in your life. Happy Birthday!

  • Come on for the best party of the town! let’s celebrate the birthday as you turn one year older and wiser. Happy Birthday, child!

  • You Notorious pranks always bring a headache on me, but when I see your sweet smile, life feels worth living. You are the sweetest and cutest child in the whole world. Happy birthday lovely children. Hope your whole day goes super special.

Cute Birthday Wishes For Children's Cards  for Girls

Cute Birthday Wishes For Children’s Cards  for Girls

  • Your life is moving as fast as a racing car. Always keep your hands on the wheel and fasten your seatbelt and head high with confidence. happy Birthday, champ!

  • It is very easy to see that you a blessing to your family and friends. We are really proud to have you as our daughter/ Son.

  • May you truly know the feeling for you

    May Lord Jesus spread lot of happiness on you

    May all your dreams come true

    May your grow up every year.

    Happy Birthday to you!

  • Happy Birthday, kiddo!! Always keep your head high with confidence and never fear.

  • Special hugs and kisses on this special, day! Happy Birthday!

So, Finally the biggest collection of birthday wishes for children ends here. You can share like, and comment below, Enjoy this Amazing post on Birthday Messages, quotes and poems on this website.

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