Happy Birthday Wishes For Kids ~ Cute & Inspiring

Kids are like angel for everyone. Use these Best Happy Birthday wishes for kids and make your angel super happy. We have already published a huge collection of birthday wishes for children. You can check that too. Kids have the purest soul in the world. If they are happy then there parents are also happy.

You can make there birthday special with lot of ways. Out of which this is one of the best way to wish them using these cute birthday wishes for kids. They will feel blessed to have a parents like you.

Happy Birthday Wishes For Kids

    • My sweet blessings and greetings for the cutest child int he worlds. May this special day bring a lot of surprises in your life. Have Fun and joy, Happy Birthday to lovely children!

      • On your happy day, I wish you blessed with happy and prosperous life and may all your dreams come true. Happy Bday to you!

      • May you reach to the height of sky with your achievements. May this year lots and lots of happiness and prosperity into your life. I wish you many many happy returns of the day. Happy Birthday to you.

      • Look into the sky, those little birds are flying so high into the heaven. You are going to have some great surprise. So hurry sweat heart. Let make this day special for you. Happy Birthday to you!!!

      • It is always a great feeling every time you smile.

        I always forget all my worries and tensions.

        Thanks for being into y life. You are the strongest reason for my survival.

        Happy birthday to my little kid!

      • Your bright personality will drive away the blues. Your charming smile fills our heart with joy. May you have a wonderful day. Happy birthday!!

      • WE Just want to say one thing,

        A very happy birthday to you,

        We hope you have an amazing day

        with full of fun and enjoyment.

        Always remember that we all love you

        because you are the best.

        Happy Birthday, kid!

      • After being around you from so many years, I have realized that you are a prince for us. You are an angel, gifted by God to us to brighten up our lives. Happy Birthday to my little angel!

      • Seconds combine and make minutes and minutes combine and make hours. And hours combine to make days and days make months. Months together makes years with your lovely smiles and cheers. Here comes another happy year!!

      • I am sending you a gift of love and joy on your special day. Wishing you the happiest Bday of all time!

      • You always bring the curve to our face. your laugh makes our life very easy. Thank you so much for everything sweetheart. Happy Birthday to my child.

    • You are naughty and mischievous. There is always a time you make us mad on you. But whenever you smile we forget everything. You are our life, make it happy and amazing. Happy birthday to children!

    • Papa Bear and Mama Bear

      Singing together and greeting you a happy Birthday

      Enjoy your special day!

  • You are my angel, who is a blessing for all of us. You made me work to provide you the best thing in life. Have a best bday dear kids!

  • Birthday Bible Verse For Son
  • You gave the biggest gift of my life, that is fatherhood. Happy Birthday to one my lovely kids ever!

  • We wish you a very happy birthday and hope you to continue to grow to a mature and handsome person.

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Happy Birthday Wishes For Kids

Happy Birthday Wishes For Kids

Best Kids Birthday Wishes Cards

    • It’s time to celebrate again,

      It’s the day of excitement.

      A wait of the year has ended.

      I know the Lord is smiling

      As he looks upon your face.

      Let’s celebrate the day.

      With a lot of love and joy.

      • It’s your special day, Have fun and joy! Have lots of laughs, cry and play on this day. Happy Bday to you!

      • Ride the vehicle which drives you to your dreams. Wear your heart on your sleeves. challenge your life with your bravery. There is nothing that you can not do! If you strong determination which leads to this. Wonderful Bday wishes kids

      • I was going to write something on your Bday card. But since you are my son. I will directly with you. Happy birthday my kid!

      • I am very that you are my daughter. I love you and happy birthday to you! Stay blessed!

      • You are someone I look forward to being when I am home. I always wanted to have the cute little prince at my home. Whenever I head back to the home you keep waiting for me. I want to bring a great future for you. You are my dream which comes true. Happy Birthday, birthday boy!

      • I Just want to say,

        Happy Bday to you

        You are wonderful

        and everyone knows the day

        You are the best gift

        from God to us.

        You are very precious to use.

        Happy Birthday to you

      • Today is the only day when you can do anything of your choice. You can eat as many chocolates as much you want without any fear. You can have as much ice cream as you want. You can even sleep late on this special day. Happy Birthday, kiddo!

    • Happy Birthday to my little champ. May this day bring you tons of happiness and joy into your life.

    • Happy Birthday, your little star. You are turning into a young and beautiful lady. you fill our heart with love and we are proud of it. Happy Birthday to you and have an amazing day ahead.

  • Play around as much as you can because this is your day! Sing loud as much as you can. Dance till your legs start hurting. Enjoy your time with your friends. Best Bday kiddo!

  • You are getting older today and much cooler too. But you still not so old to left the school. So, Have a wonderful happy Birthday!

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Best Kids Birthday Wishes Cards

Best Kids Birthday Wishes Cards

Cute Birthday Wishes To Kids Boy

So the mesmerising collection of cute birthday wishes for kids to heartfelt your kids.

    • I love you a lot of little kid! You are cute, smart and handsome. I love to watch you grow up but I’m also afraid that you are growing so fast. Happy birthday, smarty.

  • Come one, come all we are having the biggest and best party in the town. It is the celebration of my children. Happy Birthday, kid!

  • I have been always waiting for this special day of my child. You are an angel of my life. I Love you so much.

  • I am sorry if sometimes scold you.

    Just I Scold you for your betterment.

    But I love a lot too.

    Happy birthday to you.

  • Every day you amaze me with new things. You are a wonderful child who I think have some super power. You gave my life a meaning! Have a wonderful birthday ahead!

  • One day, God has gifted you with our life. You are the one who makes our life simpler and happier than ever. Happy Birthday to your kiddo and have a great day ahead.

  • may you have a special day,

    filled with lots of fun,

    playing funny games with your lovely friends,

    with the delicious cake,

    and gather some great memories,

    God has a special love for kids,

    SO, this lovely birthday wishes for kids are from God!

  • Your birthday is just one day out of 365 days of the amazing journey. Travel it wisely. Happy Birthday, kiddo!

  • The first day you take your birthday, is painted my life with bright colors. You had decorated the empty wall of sadness with a color of happiness and joy. I love you a lot. Happy bday wishes to kids.

  • Happiness is the biggest part of life which you should always keep with you. Because without happiness life is not worth to live. Always keep a big smile on your face.

  • You are my favorite boy / Girl. Happy birthday to you and a huge hug from my side!

  • You are a princess of our life. Have a magical happy Birthday!

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Cute Birthday Wishes To Kids Boy

Cute Birthday Wishes To Kids Boy

Happy Birthday Wishes Message For Kids

  • Kids love to make new friends at school. Writing new letters is certainly cool. The thing to remember is that you are the diamond to us. Happy Birthday to you and don’t be the fool.

  • Happy Bday to my one-year-old kid,

    Sending you love and blessings

    god love you a lot and we too.

    You are a precious gift to me

    May you have an amazing day ahead.

    filled with fun and joy.

    Happy Birthday to you!

  • Dear kid, Do you know you have two great parents. who are always with you and support all your dreams. Best wishes of birthday kid. Grow up fast!

  • Such a cute baby girl just like an angel. You are becoming beautiful day by day. Have an awesome Bday little princess.

  • Happy Birthday to the most humorous and coolest kid. you also happen to be the shortest best friend in my circle. I love you from my heart.

  • I am lucky to have you as my child. You are so lovely and cute and I am honored to plan your Bday which is filled with love. Happy birthday wishes for children.

  • April showers bring May flowers, May it bring a lot of happiness and love for you. Thank you for being the most loveable child in my life. Happy Birthday, children.

  • Once a little bundle of joy and now a young dynamic kid! Happy Birthday, kid!

  • You are same as your Bday cake… so sweet and cute!! happy Bday to my kids

  • Get set ready! For the biggest party of the year. You totally deserve it. Have a wonderful day!

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Happy Birthday Wishes Message For Kids

Happy Birthday Wishes Message For Kids

Inspiring Birthday Wishes For Little Kids Girls

  • I Know you love chocolates,

    I Brought a huge chocolate egg for you,

    I hope you like it the most and

    Eat it before it gets melts.
    Happy Birthday to you!

  • A new year of your life has begun. I wish you future get filled with lots of love and care. Happy birthday, may you have a wonderful year ahead.

  • Happy Bday to the young and smart boy I only know. You are an awesome kid filled with talent and creativity. Enjoy your special day kiddo.

  • Time Flies so fast that one more year has added to your age.

    I hope To see you grow into a wonderful man.

    The god wanted you to be what you want.

    We will always support you!

    Have wonderful Happy Birthday!

  • Today is your day. So forget about the homework and enjoy the delicious cake, gifts, songs, ice creams and tasty food. Wishing you a very happy birthday!

  • Princesses come in all colors and ages. You are the angel into my life. Have a glamorous and funny bday!

  • Time flies when you have fun.

    You are turning One.
    Happy birthday, cuties!

  • May God bless you with a lot of success and happiness.

    celebrate your day with all

    fun and enjoyment.

    Enjoy whatever you received from God

    Our blessings are always with you.

    Happy birthday wishes for kids!

  • I was going to give you a big gift on your bday, But instead I am giving you some cash. I want you to take all the stuffs you want of your own choice. Do shopping and have fun on this special day. Happy birthday to my kid!

  • Eat as much as you want without any shyness. Have fun on your bday. You are a special angel to me.

  • I have a Bday present for you, But you are the biggest gift for your parents from so many years. Happy Bday to you!

  • We all love you a lot and want your Bday to celebrate.

  • Many changes can come into your life, but one thing can never get changes. That you are our little angel. Happy birthday, cutie!

Birthday Wishes For Little Princess

Birthday Wishes For Little Princess

Happy Birthday Wishes For Little Princess

  • It is your Bday, dear kid,

    where is your Bday treat,

    For such a wonderful kids

    we are going to celebrate

    another year of glory,

    we have planned and designed

    every thing for you.

    Happy Birthday to you!

  • Super heroes are rare these days, but your kindness and lovely heart always help your friends and family to any thing. Happy Birthday!

  • Happy birthday, kiddo! May you have a great year. Every year you are getting older, But you are also becoming more caring loving and mature day by day. Happy Birthday my dear child.

  • Today is your day, So leave that homework and all the study for today. and enjoy all the sweets, cake, food and songs! Happy birthday child!

  • Today we will celebrate your Bday with a huge party. We hope you enjoy the day with a lot of food and fun. May people surround you with their blessings on your special day.

  • It a perfect day to celebrate because of it’s your birthday. Happy Birthday, children!

  • It’s great to celebrate your happy birthday because you are a special kid!

  • Best Wishes to my lovely kid, it is a blessing to celebrate your entrance into the world! Happy Birthday to you!

  • I have a special bday present for you, But you are a big gift for your parent. Happy birthday to the lovely kid.

  • Happy Bday! I have to admit that it makes me a little sentimental. I don’t want you to grow so fast. I always wanted you to stay the same.

  • Explore the place around you, My two-year-old. As you explore the universe, we praise God for loving us and giving us you! Happy Bday my dear child!

  • May you achieve all your dreams. Have a rocking birthday this year and many many returns of the day!

  • You are my super hero who makes me feel lucky. Happy Birthday kid

  • May all your dreams and desire come true on this happy birthday. Happy Birthday!

  • I love you today and always so happy birthday to my wonderful kid

  • Eat as much cake as you can, because it is your day. Have fun on your special day. You are my special little angel.

I Hope you like these nice Birthday wishes for kids and you will share this with everyone. So that they can also make there kids bday super special.

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