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Nephews are the most closest to uncle and aunts heart. So, Here is the biggest and best birthday wishes for nephew collection. You can use these nephew birthday wishes to post as status on Facebook and Whatsapp. You can even send these happy Birthday wishes to nephew as SMS.

Make his bday super special with these awesome birthday wishes nephew images. You can even use these Bday quotes and messages as first birthday wishes for nephew or 2nd, 3rd or 4th bday of nephew.

Best Happy Birthday Wishes For Nephew

    • My beautiful nephew deserve the an outstanding birthday celebration. I pray to god god for you long life. Have a blast.

    • All the Maturity and wisdom that you gather in these years has made me feel proud and happy, and also your parents. I know everything is going to be great and your maturity is also gonna rise with every passing birthday. Let’s celebrate one more year of your birthday. Many Many congratulations.

    • My nephew is too cool that I can easily shout about you from the roof. I hope you will get surprise after seeing my gift on your special day. Happy Bday wishes for nephew.

    • Directly from an uncle to his nephew, I will always give you the honest advice which will always help you to avoid mistakes. I made and sail through your life.

    • I can not believe my nePhew is growing so fast. I still remember when you wear diapers. Now you are so tall and handsome and Hulk. happy Birthday to you!

    • Next time whenever your parent scolds you, Just say, “Back off or I will call my auntie”. You are now an year older. They should know that. happy birthday nephew from your aunt.

    • Life is what you make it. This bday You are going to have the biggest and wildest birthday party of the year. This wish is for my lovely nephew, Happy birthday!

    • It is great to have a crazy nephew like you in my life. happy Birthday dear and have a lovely day.

    • No matter whatever your parent want from you, always remember that your uncle is beside you to guide you the best thing in your life. Happy Birthday.

    • Make a list of your Bday gift. You uncle is way more cooler than your parents. Happy Birthday nephew!

    • All my friend always feel jealous because I am having a best friend who is much younger than me. I can hang out with you anytime and anywhere. Happy Birthday dear Nephew.

    • May your day get filled with you top and cool friends. May They make your day super special. Happy Birthday nephew! May this day become the most amazing day of this year. Happy Bday Nephew!

    • Despite we are staying far apart but I want to send you my love, blessings and wishes on this special day. Be brave and never give up in your life. You can always count me beside you. A very Happy Birthday.

    • I wish you grow beautiful as your awesome uncle. On your birthday, I give you promise to be with you to teach you everything. Happy Birthday My Cute nephew.

    • If everyone has it’s nephew like you, Then no one bother have kids of their own. Happy Birthday Nephew

  • Happy Birthday nephew. You are a power pack of energy, who is always filled with brightness. You are the best, birthday wishes from your sweet uncle.

  • Watching my cute nephew growing is the most amazing thing of my life. With every passing birthday I feel more proud.

  • I wish you will grow and look same like your amazing uncle. Although I am always with you to make you like me in behaviour. Happy Birthday Nephew

  • We both have an amazing relationship between us – I am not like your boring parents and you can come to lean on me without any worry . Happy Birthday Nephew

  • You are my favourite! You make me feel crazy. Happy Birthday to you my nephew

  • God has Gifted you Amazing uncle and aunty, SO, Happy Birthday Nephew!

Best Happy Birthday Wishes For Nephew

Best Happy Birthday Wishes For Nephew

Cute Nephew Birthday Wishes From Aunt

    • As the time pass you will leave you mischievous day and immaturity. But Never leave you sense of humor. Always Stay humble and humors. Happy Birthday to you.

    • I Wish you a very happy birthday to our cute little nephew. I hope you always brighten up our life with your bright smile. I love you a lot and hope we always share your this day of celebration.

    • Hey Nephew, I never ever thought I can love someone both as a best friend and as a son at the same time. until you come into my life. Happy Birthday Nephew

    • You are a wonderful gift to us and with every passing birthday we cherish all the moments very much. We love you and our special wishes and blessings are always with you. Let’s celebrate your happy Birthday nephew.

    • When you were young, you always bring smile in our face. You always brought joy and fun is our life. You deserves everything in this world and blessing of your Uncle and Aunty are always with you. Nephew a happy birthday to you!

    • My nephew is the best and he deserves the best happy birthday! I really hope you enjoy your special day and you have to enjoy many more. Have a great bday this year.

    • Happy Birthday wishes for nephew, who is the most intelligent and amazing boy in the world. I just want to let you know that we love you a lot and I want to let you know that if you have any problem in life you can come anytime.

    • May you have success, health and wealth and a long life once again on this bday. Happy birthday to you and many many congratulation to you parents from your dear uncle.

    • Happy Bday to my partner in crime, a great student and my life teacher and best friend. Happy Birthday nephew.

    • Dear nephew, I am not your mother but a best friend who will always beside you forever. I am the one to whom you can call anytime for help from your good times to bad times. Have a best bday dear nephew.

    • One of the biggest joy of life is having a nephew like you. You bring pleasure into our life. I am one of the most happy uncle in the world. A very happy Birthday.

    • Regardless of your parents, Always approach your uncle for any kind of help. have wonderful happy birthday dear nephew.

  • I am proud to have a nephew who is more like a son to me. You always made all of you proud. Be Blessed and Have a happy birthday to you.

  • Our relationship is not limited to just uncle and aunt. We have a permanent bond of friendship, which will never end. Happy Birthday to you.

  • You are a star my dear nephew and We are fully proud of you. Happy Birthday, nephew!

Cute Nephew Birthday Wishes From Aunt

Cute Nephew Birthday Wishes From Aunt

Happy Birthday Wishes To Nephew Images

    • I wish you grow up and look totally similar to your uncle. I promise you today, I will always standing with you to guide you throughout your life. Happy Bday nephew.

    • We are totally thankful to God to gift us a son like you. you are a true blessing in our life. you are the most loved and cherished and treasure for us. Celebrating your birthday is like thanking God to gifting you in our life. We are blessed to have you. Have a happy birthday dear.

  • Hey Nephew, you are the one who brighten up our life. you the light to remove the darkness from our life. The day you born we all cherish all the moments. I can see that you are becoming a wonderful man from a cute little boy. I love you my nephew and I hope you have a blasting happy birthday.

  • Roses are red, Skies are blue. I just want to say happy birthday to you. I am not a poet but i love you. happy Birthday and have great Bday party.

  • You have not brought happiness to your parents but also to your Uncle and Aunt. Happy Birthday to my nephew.

  • Best Birthday Wishes to Aunty
  • Having a nephew like you is the most amazing thing that i can have. I love you! Have a best Happy birthday nephew.

  • Happy Birthday to being my son. You are not just a nephew. You are more than my son. This Amazing birthday wishes for nephew who is super smart.

  • I love you my cute little nephew, Although you are very small to understand these three words. But, I wish you so well in your life.

  • Is it possible to have a nephew who is smart, intelligent, and genius like you? Oh yeah, I am having one. Happy Birthday dear.

  • [HIS NAME], I can never forget your birthday, It is very difficult to express how much i am happy today. Never change your personality and always stay humble and honest as you are today. Always have the strength to fight against the difficulties. You are strong and you know how to overcome the problems.

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  • It is not always very easy to pick the trendy clothes, new shoes or a new friend. But have nephew like you is a blessing for us. Happy Birthday to you.

  • Happy birthday to my only nephew! I Prayed for you even before you come to this world. You bring lots of happiness for all of us.

  • Have a blast on this bday my dear nephew. You means the world to me And I am the luckiest person because I am having a beautiful soul in my life. You make my life very easy.

  • With every birthday you are becoming much cooler and fantastic. Happy Birthday, Nephew!

  • Today I am going to gift you the title of “Best Nephew in the world” on this auspicious day of your birthday. I hope you will gift me the title of “Best Uncle” as a retune gift. Happy birthday to you.

  • Everyday, even today on your birthday you have to overcome your all mistakes. I pray to God to give you a wonderful life and success.

Special Birthday Wishes For Nephew 1 Year Old

Are you looking for 1st Birthday Wishes For Baby Nephew From Aunt. Then use the quotes and messages for nephew on his happy bday.

  • God sent you to us to shower love on you and today is the day on which we celebrate the new season in your life. may all your dreams come true and you complete all your desires. Happy birthday to you.

  • You have a long life ahead my dear Nephew. We all love you and always for you. Today, we will celebrate the day with you and your family member. Happy Birthday!!

  • Happy Birthday My dear nephew! You are prince of our eye and I and your mother have gone through lot of things. My love for you always stays the same as it is for your aunt. Have a wonderful birthday.

  • who need internet tutorial or youtube video to become the most intelligent and wise, When I am having an amazing nephew at my home? Thanks for giving me all the advice and all the amazing ideas to do. Happy Bday nephew.

  • Happy Birthday Wishes to Kids
  • I know there is young and beautiful lady waiting for you to celebrate the birthday today!! That’s right, it’s your bday. Happy Bday my dear nephew.

  • Happy Birthday Wishes To Nephew Images

    Happy Birthday Wishes To Nephew Images

  • Playing the role of moderator in the fight between you and your parent is very easy, I just have to take your side. Happy birthday my champ.

  • Happy birthday to my cute nephew. You are the one who always made you day amazing with your cute little smile.

  • You are a superstar. I appreciate your work to make us all proud of yours. Happy birthday, nephew!!

  • I wish you have the best birthday party of this year, At it last as your epic uncle!

  • You are the person who must always be appreciated and surprised with love and blessings. Enjoy your day fullest. Happy Bday my dear nephew!

  • Me and your aunt Love you a lot. sometimes we catch ourselves wishing our son was more like you. Just never tell him this secret, Happy Bday nephew.

  • I am having the best life. because I am having you as my role model. to whom i can always admire and take inspiration. Many Many congratulations on this special day and Me and your Aunt love you a lot.

Special Birthday Wishes For Nephew 1 Year Old

Special Birthday Wishes For Nephew 1 Year Old

Funny Birthday Wishes For My Nephew Kids In English

  • Happy 10th birthday to my one and only nephew, I can’t believe still now that you turn 10 so quickly. I still remember the day when you used to wet up that diaper. You always enlighten up our life with your beautiful smile. Hope you get tons of gift on this birthday and tons of love from all of us.

  • I still remember all the moments of the day when I and my brother was rushing from work to welcome my dear nephew. Happy Birthday Cutie! I just wish I always stay with you.

  • You have made me happy and proud over these years with your rise in maturity and wisdom. Even more than your parents. My dream is to celebrate your birthday with full enthusiasm and fun. Enjoy your life. Happy Birthday dear nephew.

  • Sending you lot of love, success and blessing your birthday. Happy birthday my dear Nephew from your dear Uncle and Aunt.

  • Hey Nephew, May your birthday get filled up with big cake covered with smile on your face. Happy Birthday Dear Nephew.

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  • There is no wonder why your parents hate me, After all, I am the one who had totally spoiled you. Happy birthday dear.

  • It is very funny to be a moderator during you all fights with your parents. It is very easy, All it have to take your side. I love you a lot. Happy Birthday to my little nephew.

  • I know your Mom & Dad hates me a lot because They always tries to discipline you and I ruined their every effort. Happy Birthday to my dearest Nephew.

  • You have a beautiful soul and peaceful mind. You always help another way more than your capability. Happy birthday to my lovely nephew. Stay Blessed!

  • Dear Nephew, I can never forget your birthday. It is the day, when i am most happy in my life. I am happy because I am proud of you. You are the one who accomplish me. Always stay happy and have the courage to accept any challenge. Your strengths will always help you to win. Many Many congratulations.

  • You are the star dear. You always make us and your family proud. Happy Birthday, nephew.

  • Take a deep breath and blow all the candles at once, One day you will need a fan to blow all the candles. I love you dear nephew and happy bday.

  • Hey, I never thought I can love someone like a best friend and like son both. You are the one who proves me wrong. Happy birthday.

Religious Birthday Wishes For Nephew Poems

  • Today is so special day

    And my words are not enough

    to deceive how much I love you.

    So here are my lovely wishes

    and blessings for you…

    may all your dreams come true…

    May they get filled with all

    that things that means to you.

    Happy Birthday nephew.

  • Hey Nephew, You have a long life ahead.

    I Wish you succeed in every field.

    I hope you get happiness everywhere.

    I hope you have a perfect birthday!

  • You made all of us happy and proud.

    So, this bday message for nephew

    is clear and loud

    You are our star, who is always charming and clever!

    Love you dear Nephew!

  • You are champ of your sports team of school.
    You the perfect student whom a teacher always admires off.
    You always have the most loyal friend in your life.
    But the best thing is that you are having an amazing aunt like me.
    Happy Birthday from your Uncle and Aunty.

  • I would love to send tons of love and blessings to my first born nephew.
    I still remember the day when your mom bring you into our life.
    From that day our life get’s completes. You are only 11-year younger than me.
    So, you are more likely a brother to me. Happy Birthday to you and party hard!!

  • Dear Nephew, With ever birthday it reminds us we are blessed with an prince.
    You have completed us! Today again we are going to celebrate your birthday,
    we want to thank God for you and pray for your long life.
    Happy Birthday to you My dear Nephew.

Funny Birthday Wishes For My Nephew Kids In English

Funny Birthday Wishes For My Nephew Kids In English

Little Birthday Wishes For A Nephew

  • Happy Birthday nephew. You will always have a wildlife. Because I am always with you. If  you ever want to talk about anything you can come to me.

  • You are the most awesome Son which no one can have. Words are not enough to express how proud i am to have you in my life. You are a blessing to all of us. Have a blasting Happy Birthday.

  • Do you know why UNCLE rhymes with SPECIAL? Because Having a nephew Like you make your uncle feel special. Happy Birthday.

  • My Facebook timeline looks less mine and more yours, because My Facebook album contains lot of your pictures. Happy Birthday Cuties.

  • Five years also my wonderful nephew take his first breath in the world. He is growing so fast I can’t believe it’s that he is now 7 years old. You Uncle and Aunties love is always with you. Happy Bday baby.

  • You are an awesome nephew. I wish you get all the happiness and joy in the world. Happy Birthday Dear.

  • I have a super awesome nephew. You are the one who always make me feel proud. Happy Bday nephew.

  • You are Fantastic, Fun and awesome. This is the only message i want to send to you. Happy Birthday my little star!!

  • We are very blessed to have you in our life. You Make our life fully complete. You are the one on whom we can proud of. Have an outstanding birthday!

  • I Didn’t think that my brother is so cooler. Then I met you and you made my life more cool and surprising. I am so excited to see you growing and becoming an amazing person. Happy Birthday!

  • Happy Birthday dear nephew. Your uncle and aunties best wishes are always with you. Be happy and stay healthy. I hope you have the best birthday of all time.

  • Whenever we are together, hours and hours passes by like a second. Your smile and laugh relax me always. You are my heart whom and can never separate from me. Happy Birthday to the most loving and cutest nephew in this world.

  • I always Thought that being clawed uncle make me feel old, but now my mindset is totally changed. Now I loved to hear Uncle. Happy birthday wishes for nephew.

  • Today there are no rules for you. You can enjoy in your way. I am going to leave everything on you! Happy Birthday, Nephew!

  • I Never expect that a crying baby grows up to a young and dashing boy so soon. Anyway, We are happy to see this. Happy Birthday!

  • Happy Birthday to my cute nephew. You power up my life with your cute smile.

  • Happy Birthday nephew! Accept your uncle’s best wishes and have a great time. Let’s party hard.

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