121 Super Romantic Birthday Wishes For Him

I am sure your BF’s Birthday is coming near. so, you are searching for Romantic Birthday Wishes for Him/ Boyfriend/ BF Bday. Don’t worry you are going to have all the things for your lover. You can also use these birthday wishes for boyfriend at long distance.

Surprising you boyfriend in different ways is the main motto of every girlfriend in his relationship life and i know girlfriends always try to impress her boyfriend by gifting him Gifts, Cards, Greeting cards. but, you want to write some thing special on your gift or greeting cards. we always provide the unique , best Romantic Birthday Wishes for Him. If you want to write up a Boyfriend Birthday Letter. we have also provided some heart melting letter sample for your which you can write and impress your boyfriend on a go.

Now, without wasting more time let’s begin with romantic birthday cards for him with some happy birthday wishes for someone special.

 Romantic Birthday Wishes For Him

So below are the list of Romantic wishes for boyfriend, husband and friend in long distance. You can choose from this wide range of wishes.

  • I have a Boyfriend who never misses a beat, but whose one look cause increase my heart beat. A very happy Birthday to my Boyfriend who makes my heart beat, off beat.
  • I Love to date you, because I thought that you are good looking catch. Now, after dating your my thoughts have changed, Now, According to my thinking you are my perfect match. Happy Birthday Handsome.
  • Today is the day of your Birthday! May your year goes happy an in love my dear!!! Happy Birthday my future!!
  • Today is your birthday, let’s celebrate our past, present and future! I will live my whole life by loving you.
  • Yummiest Birthday to you my sexy! Getting impatient for tonight to become the first one wish you happy Birthday!
  • I am very lucky that you choose me to spend this special day. Thanks for everything you give me, I love you a lot my darling! Happy Birthday baby!!
  • Be Happy! I have got you and you have got me. Happy Birthday Sweetie.
  • Celebrating your Bday make me remind that being your girlfriend makes me happy every day and worth celebrating. Muaaah Baby.
  • I am yours and you are mine. Like Every birthday this birthday is also special and you will see how! I am just waiting for tomorrow morning and you will get the huge surprise.
  • I know you believe in magic. The Biggest magic is I found you!  Happy Birthday to my Lovely Boyfriend In this world!!
Super Romantic Birthday Wishes For Him

Super Romantic Birthday Wishes For Him

  • My heartiest congratulation are for those Mom and Dad who give birth to your. You are such a beautiful soul and heart. You always remind me that you are the boy with whom I want to spend my
    whole life. Happy Birthday sweetheart.
  • If read the whole dictionary, you are unable to find the word to express my feeling for you. How much you mean to me and how much I love you. I cannot think a life without your. You complete the
    emptiness inside me. Happy Birthday Darling . You are my Angle who shower love on me.
  • Darling, I am attracted by your beauty and love. There is never a minute that I will not think of your. You are wonderful and I Love you. Happy Birthday!!
  • You are more cooler then the flip side of the pillow. Happy Birthday.
  • I am Sweet cherry of your life which is always on the top of cake. Happy Birthday Darling. Stay Sweet and stay Cool.
  • With every year your become more sexier. Today is your birthday and your sexiness grows more.
  • On this special day of birthday, I Just want to remind you, I am in love with your totally madly, deeply and truly. Let make this day big and memorable!
  • I cannot wait till you wear my gift. I love you. Have and great and memorable party! Happy Birthday Sweetheart.
  • My dear Boyfriend your know I am always the first one to wish you Happy Birthday!
  • Lovely And Sweet Greeting wishes for my Charming & Handsome Boyfriend.
Super Romantic Birthday Wishes For Him

Super Romantic Birthday Wishes For Him

    • Let’s celebrate the day together. It is not just a Day it is your happy Birthday, This is an important day that brought us together. Happy Birthday Darling!
    • I am planning a naughty Birthday party for you. What you say for a relaxing spa and followed by hands on strawberry and cream session in bed. Not bad right? I hope you will get ready to celebrate
      the Awesome Birthday treat! Happy Birthday!
    • Lets your birthday get filled with tons of Happiness and love. Just as our relationship has been blessed with these delightful qualities!!
    • My Only wish on your birthday is that your life get fill with lot of success and my love. These are the warm romantic birthday wishes for him. Happy Birthday my love!
    • My love for you cannot be expressed by these cake and sweet chocolates. I love you from bottom of my heart and you know this too! My Romantic Birthday wishes are for you my darling
    • The only thing that I can give you is the ability to see my love for you. You know how much you mean to me. Happy Birthday Birthday My love!
    • When I close my eye, You Images come in front of me, but then I open my eye to see you. Happy Birthday Baby!
  • If all girls are having a boyfriend like you’re, they will be as happy as me! Happy Birthday my love.
  • With your birthday, another year passes and a new beginning also happens on this day. Happy Birthday.
  • Happy Birthday my love. I wish you a very healthy and beautiful life, filled with my love and smile.

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Romantic Birthday Songs for Him (Boyfriend/ Husband)

Bring the romance with your boyfriend or husband with this beautiful song.

Happy birthday wishes for Boyfriend at long distance

If you are planing something for boyfriend who is far way. we have somethings for you also. here are some Cute and sweet birth day wishes for boyfriend at long distance. you can send these sweet birthday wishes on Facebook and Whatsapp.

  • Your birthday will go wonderful, beautiful, amazing and full of love… As you are! Celebrate the day with full energy because you fully deserve it!!
  • Whenever you dance, Dance like no one is watching, Love and no lover had ever made before like you, sing songs as no one is hearing you and always live like as you are living in heaver! My lot of
    warm wishes for you and Happy Birthday!!
  • Even in my dream I had never thought that I will meet a person like you. I will make your whole life as special as your birthday. I will do whatever makes your happy and make it sure that happen.
  • We have lot of memories together and no one take these away from us. It never matter how many birthdays will pass together and how many old we become. We are forever together and we will always
    in love. Happy Birthday My Love!!
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  • Staying always with you make all the knots of our like undone. Happy Birthday.
  • Having you as my Boyfriend make me the most Luckiest Girl in the world and same pinch for you as you are also as much lucky as me, Having me as Girlfriend make you the most lucky boyfriend in the
    world. Have a Happy Birthday.
  • Happy Birthday to a special person with whom my life is full of happiness and without whom my life is totally incomplete.
  • When we look back on this day. I think we realize that it was only the first of many birthdays to come. I hope we stay together and celebrate your 100th Birthday. Happy Birthday to you, my future.
  • I have a special gift for you. I have a small piece of world and I offer this to you. As a humble gift on your birthday my love. Happy Birthday my dear BF!!
  • Happy Birthday, my dearest! Thanks for bringing so much love, happiness and sunshine in my life. I Love you a tool and my feelings for you become more stronger with every birthday.
Happy birthday wishes for boyfriend long distance

Happy birthday wishes for boyfriend long distance

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Best Sister Birthday Wishes

  • A Big Happy Birthday to the guy whose smile and laughter make me live alive. Thanks for making my life tick.
  • My First love of life is Ice-cream until I met Your. Let’s go out and have some tasty ice cream on your special day! A happy Birthday my love!
  • When I hold a cute dog, it reminds me of you when I hold you. You give me that warm lovely feeling.
    Happy Birthday
  • We both know no one can separate us. There is a true love between us. We are as complete apart as together. My thoughts are with you today, on your birthday and always.
  • Do you believe in Magic? I sure do, because I am having you! Happy Birthday to the best Boyfriend in this whole world!
  • My Congratulations and respect are for those parents who give birth to a beautiful person like you. You birthday reminds me about the boy with whom I want to spend my full life with. Happy Birthday
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  • I will make a circle around you not a heart, because a heart can break, but circle goes on forever. Happy Birthday my Sweetheart.
  • Falling love with you is very easy and staying in love with you is much easier. I cannot wait to celebrate the Birthday with you every year! Happy Birthday my dear boyfriend.
  • I most loved thing inside you is your smile which make me smile. I Love you my Love and a very happy Birthday.
  • I can shout and say that in the whole world that I am the most luckiest person in the world and I am having you as my boyfriend/ Husband. Happy Bday Baby!

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Birthday Wishes For Children

Romantic Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend

    • You are charming, handsome, loving, caring. I am Talking about your “My boyfriend”. With lots of warm wishes and love. Happy Birthday My love.I love you,
    • I love you,
      I love you,
      I love you,
      I love you,
      I will date this till my last breath.
  • Most Difficult work for my sweetheart is to purchase a gift. Because I want to gift her whole world. But, I can do it if I win a lottery. For now, I can only give my love and commitment that I will be with your always.
  • My Favorite day of year is your birthday because on this day I can tell you how much I love you.
    Shower you with my kisses as there is not tomorrow. So, are you ready for your crazy birthday?
    Happy Birthday Baby, Muaaaaahhh!!!
  • Every girl in the world is looking for his prince charming, Except Me! Because I am already having my Prince charm. I don’t want ‘to lose you my darling. Happy an Amazing Birthday. Lots of hugs love
    and kiss.
  • Today I am getting the greatest gift in my life. I finally got the one who catch me when I fall, who cheer me when I fly, and hold me close at night. Happy Birthday Sweetheart. These Romantic
    Birthday wishes for him will bless you a lot.
  • When I sleep you are my sleep, when I close my eye you are Vision. You are smile of my lips and you are beating of my heart. You are my god in my prayers. Happy Birthday my Love you give my life a
  • With the passing time, things also changes. But, there is only one thing that doesn’t changes that is my love for you. You are my life fuller. You are the reason why I get up in the morning. Happy
    Birthday dear. This Romantic wishes for birthday is only for you.
  • In my whole life, I had never met a person like you. Let’s celebrate your sweetness and your birthday too. By eating cake and drinking drinks and wine!
  • You can see your family and family loving you on your birthday, but my love for you not matches as much as mine. Happy Birthday dear Lover!!

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Romantic Birthday Wishes for Husband

Don’t feel bad if you already get married. Here’s something for you too. here are some Dam lovely and Romantic Birthday wishes for husband. You can surprise him by writing these special Wishes for husbands birthday on his Birthday card.

  • With every birthday my love for you also grows. Let’s make this birthday extra special and make our bond of love extra strong. Happy Birthday sweetie!!
  • A Very Happy Birthday! You light my life in Dark, You are my sun who comes out in cloudy day and you are the blanket at cold night which gives me warmth.
  • Give me 1 kiss and all romantic wishes for him will flow as my lips seek yours. You are the one who adore.
  • Happy Birthday Baby, I am sure I will make your day special and promise you to make your whole year more special!
  • Birthday is meant to make you feel that you are a winner in your life. I hope you get a JACKPOT of happiness in your life and get all deserved success in your life!
  • Today I checked my calendar and I have to tell you how myth I love you, I know you know that I love you every second of my life and cannot express it in words.
  • Hey Baby, I am attracted by your charm and captivate by your love. There is never a second that I will not think of you. I always Love you and I hope you have a wonderful Birthday!!
  • On your Birthday, I would like to make a promise that I will always remain like a sweet cherry of your life’s cake. Happy Birthday MY baby.
  • Darling, I am so lucky to have you in my life. Enjoy your big day of this year, I hope this Birthday bring tons of Love and joy!!
  • Today is your Birthday, Earlier I think to put lot of candle on your Birthday cake. But then I decided to put only one candle, this one candle Shows that you are only one and that also for me.
    Happy Birthday!
Romantic Birthday Wishes for Husband

Romantic Birthday Wishes for Husband

  • Sometimes only saying Happy Birthday is not enough. To make you feel how grateful you are in my life, I will shout it from the tallest building on this city.
  • Please keep a track of days in delight when you are there in every one of them. Sending sweet  romantic Birthday messages on this day.
  • You are superman of my life. On this day, god sent you directly from heaven so that we can stay together. Happy Birthday to Star of my life!!
  • Inside you I have found the Best Friend, Sweetest love, the perfect Partner That I ever imagined. I am so happy that life has brought me to your. Happy Birthday Darling.
  • The only thing that I can give you in life; it would be the ability to see yourself in my eyes. This is the way, you will realize how much I love you. Happy Birthday my love.
  • You are the reason on my breath and you are the reason of my life. Happy Birthday Baby!!
  • I know I am not the most handsome boy in the world. But, I love you because you make me feel that you the most handsome and charming boy in the whole world. Happy Birthday my Boyfriend/ Husband / Hubby
  • I am so happy to having you in my life. Happy Bday, May time bring you lot of Joy and success.
  • From the day one, I knew that my Love for you is endless. Have the happiest Birthday my Man!
  • I am always beside you; never feel alone in your life. Today is your bday and I wish you a very happy Birthday with all of my heart.

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Happy Birthday Wishes for Someone Special

We have always someone special in our life and if the some is a male/boy then our life become more simpler. so, here some cool and meaningful birthday wishes for someone special in life.

  • This Birthday bring lot of sweet memories, fun and lot of friends. These are the key of Happiness in the world.
  • I can never forget you, so how can I forget your Birthday. Let’s have lot of fun on your birthday. Let’s go somewhere and watch sunset together. Let’s be romantic and have a romantic Birthday.
  • Every day My Love, My Happiness increase just because of you. Just stay with me every single day of my life, Happy Birthday my love!!
  • With you lot of love and hope come. May you have a great day and I love you. Happy Birthday!!
  • Earlier I was lost, broken and weak. But, when your come to my life every things totally changed. Thanks for these my dear. Happy Birthday!!
  • Happy Birthday Wishes for husband is surely a best way to show love and sweetness by a women, wives or mom.
  • A yearly celebration of the day like birthday is the best way to enjoy the day. Because it come once a year. It’s also time to reflect did we are spending out day properly.
  • Today is your birthday my sweet BF and this is your biggest gift of love.
  • Husband is the lifetime gift by god for all women. In return, all the wives love their husband without any return gift or vice versa. A good Birthday wishes for Husband contain all the word which show the endless love between them.
  • I Love you and I can’t live without you.

Birthday Message For a Boyfriend

Happy Birthday Wishes for Someone Special

Happy Birthday Wishes for Someone Special

  • All the love birds pray that they together forever. Who can imagine a life without a loved one by your side? You can even never imagine this thing. So, remind of him that they are the most sweetest thing in the world and you cannot stay without them.
  • You are the best thing happened in my life!
  • We have passed through heart break to heart break to finally meet each other. So, let’s enjoy the day with each other and increase our love.
  • Wine get sour with age but love of my husband becomes more sweeter. Our love grows more ever day and every seconds.
  • Happy Birthday to my cutie pie.
    You kind heart and sweet heart
    Make my everyday special.
    Like you are a king of my life.
  • The best thing in my life that you are husband in my life and I am a wonderful wife. With a heart full of love. Happy Birthday my hubby.
  • Today is your bday and I just want to wish you a happy Birthday my awesome Husband! I wouldn’t know what will I do without you!
  • I Love to wish you a “Happy Birthday” to the one whom I love the most. Happy Birthday Darling!
  • When I am with you, there is always positive vibes which fill me with vibes. A very Happy Birthday Wishes for him!
  • Here is a special Birthday wish for the special Boyfriend who is having a big place in my heart.
    Happy Birthday to my Boyfriend.

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Romantic Birthday Messages for Him

In the top we have shared a huge collection of romantic Wishes for birthday of boyfriend. but, without a bday greeting card the birthday is totally empty. so we have added some nice and lovely romantic birthday cards for him. which make your husband, boyfriend feel very happy.

  • Lots of Happy Birthday wishes to the man who always stand beside me. Whether its rain or sunshine. I am happy to call you mine.
  • You will get flooded with lot of cakes, balloons, gifts and confetti on your door. Don’t forget to go outside as your Girlfriend is waiting outside with tons of kisses! I love you my Baby. Happy Birthday Darling.
  • Happy Birthday to the person who is my heartbeat and heartthron. Never my heartbreak.
  • My Smile and laughter is because of your smiles and laughter. Thanks for making my lips a curve.
  • Bday come and go, but one things you must know that you are more special than any TV show!
  • Our love is so strong that we belong to each other. Best wishes for the greatest Happy Birthday!
  • I wish to the Fantastic Person a fantastic happy Birthday who enriched my life with love and happiness and care. Happy Birthday my king!
  • I found my husband in you and I believe No one can match me as you matched with me. My all Birthday Wishes for him, who is the perfect man for me!
  • Being your girlfriend makes me remind that every day of life worth celebrating! Happy Birthday my darling!
  • I like the beautiful smile and sparkle in your eye which specially come when we are together. I always want you to be my side and watch you celebrating birthday ever year.
Romantic Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend

Romantic Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend

  • This message has 0% cholesterol, 0% fat and 0% additive. This is all natural except with lot of love! But, it cannot be as sweet as the person who is reading this. Happy Birthday Darling.
  • When we both look back on this day. Then we will realize that it was the first of many birthday which is about to come. I Hope I will celebrate all the birthday with your. Happy Birthday to my
    future husband.
  • I will never draw a heart around you. I will only draw a circle. Heart breaks but circle is forever. A very Happy Birthday my BF
  • Did you recognize the little tap on your shoulder midnight? It was not a Santa Claus. It was me wishing you a very happy Birthday!
  • You are my only love who bring smile in my face and joy in my heart. You are the sunshine on my life which comes directly from the heaven.
  • When you hug it feels like a warm blanket on a cold morning. When you kiss it is like a cool breeze on a summer night.
  • You smile, I Smile.
    You Laugh, I live
    Keep Smiling and laughing
    I will keep smiling and living.
    Happy Birthday sweetheart!
  • I can bring Star, moon, sky any think to make our happy. May you birthday become awesome and magical. I Love you forever.
  • I will bring a small piece of heaven for your as your birthday gift. Happy Birth day my love!

So, Finally the huge list of Super Romantic Birthday Wishes For Him has end here. Stay tuned for more Birthday wishes for Boyfriend or Husband.

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